Effortless Performance and Fulfillment for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Athletes.

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Inner Game

Through decades of Inner Work, Medtitation Practice and Breathwork I learned how one can bring the Outer Game on a new level.
I support you in mastering your Inner Game so that your Outer Game will become even more effortles and successful.
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Relaxing under pressure

Ice cold water, an extremly demanding business situation or a huge challenge on the private side calls for stress and pressure on our system. I can teach you simple tools to relax in the eye of the storm.
How to swim in a 4Ā°C lake.

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  • MA in Economics
  • Professional Certified Coach ICF
  • First Swiss Wim Hof Method Instructor
  • Hypnotherapist SBVH/APSH
  • Breathwork Specialist
  • Many trainings in Team Coaching and OD

Grow beyond your limits

I walk the talkĀ and regularly expose myself to extreme situations so that I can develop my skills inĀ growing at the limits of my comfort zone. For example I finished a trailrun over 101km and 6700m altitude difference in the Swiss Mountains. You too can dissolve your perceived limits.
Yes, I was still smiling after the finish line.


After more than 10 years, 1'000 clients and 10'000 coaching hours, I developped a unique concept:

  1. Current Status Personally and Professionally
  2. Desired and Concrete Vision of the Future
  3. Mental Power, Physical Performance, Inner Leadership and Realising of Potential
  4. Implementation Support and Accountability
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Felix Hirschburger

Felix is co-founder and director of Louma Empowering People and Psychological Fitness International. He has over 10,000 hours of coaching experience with entrepreneurs, executives and athletes.

He holds a MA in economics, is a Professional Certified Coach, licensed Hypnotherapist and WHM Instructor. Felix is a former member of the management board of the Swiss market leader in Career and Executive Coaching, University lecturer, TEDx speaker and loves the interaction with people, nature and sports.


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"I was able to create an excellent foundation for my coaching and leadership skills with Felix."

Member of the Executive Board, Life Science

"After the coaching sessions with Felix, I always feel empowered and filled with creative energy."

Entrepreneur, Construction Business

"I can highly recommend Felix for all high performers who want to become even better and more fulfilled."

HR Director,Ā Technology Industry

TEDx Talk

Befriend the UncomfortableĀ 

How to transform mental and physical pressure into relaxation, performance and flow.

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